Airport Airfield Electrical Rehabilitation Project

This project included improving the airfield lighting and electrical systems at the Campbell River Airport.

Airport Refueling Facility Project

This project involved the installation of a new Jet A fuel facility at YBL.

Airport Upgrade Project

This project included a 1,500-foot runway extension, airport terminal building improvements and modernization.

Big Rock Boat Ramp - Phase 1

This project was to improve and expand the popular boat ramp. 

Campbell River Water Supply Project

This mega project involved installing 3.5 km of water main, deep-water lake intake and a new pumping and disinfection facility on the shores of John Hart Lake which opened in June 2018.

Centennial Park Upgrade

The Centennial Park Upgrade Project involved extensive outreach to the community to ensure the project aligned with community input. 

Dalton Road Watermain Upgrade 

This project involved the renewal of approximately 650 lineal metres of watermain. 

Dogwood Watermain Replacement 

Work under this project consisted of the replacement of approximately 565 metres of watermain on Dogwood Street between 4th and 7th Avenues. 

Downtown Revitalization - St. Ann's Block

The St. Ann's Block project was the first area for the city to focus on infrastructure re-development efforts as a strategic priority identified by City Council. This project included upgrading underground services, improvements to roads, landscaping and public areas.

Eardley Watermain Replacement 

Work under this project involved the renewal of approximately 1100 lineal metres of watermain on Eardley Road between Hilchey and Larwood Roads. 

Fir Street Utility Upgrades

Work under this project consisted of installing a new watermain and water services on Fir Street.

Hwy 19A Upgrade

This phase covered approximately one kilometre from Hilchey Road to just north of the entrance to Forberg Road.

Hwy 19A Phase 3 Upgrade

This project, offered improved services and beautification of a 1km stretch of Highway 19A, from Big Rock Boat Ramp to Rockland Road.

Hwy 19A Watermain Upgrade

This project involved replacement of approximately 440 lineal metres of watermain on Highway 19A between Pinecrest and Merecroft Roads. 

Hwy 28 Service Main Renewal

This project consisted of installing seven (7) new water service connections on Highway 28. 

Larwood/Erickson Sewer Upgrade

Work under this project included the renewal and upgrade of sanitary sewer mains on Larwood, Harrogate and Erickson roads.

Lift Station #11 Upgrade

Work under this project included upgrades to the sanitary Lift Station #11.

Lift Station Generators

Work under this project included a select number of existing sanitary lift stations being serviced with generators.

Maritime Heritage Centre Upgrade

Work under this project consisted of three parallel sewers connecting to the existing 250mm diameter gravity sewer, as well as the 200mm and 400mm forcemains.  

Municipal Broadband Network Installation

This project included the installation of micro-duct conduit to service strategic locations in the downtown core with broadband fibre.  

Municipal Broadband Network - Civil Works

Work under this phase of the CRadvantage program included the extension of the City's municipal broadband network.  

NIH Watermain Upgrade 

This project involved improvements to the water distribution system in North Campbell River including new transmission and distribution mains serving the area north of the Hwy 19/28 intersection to Orange Point Road.

NWEC Biosolid Expansion

Work under this project included the clearing, grubbing and grading of an 11.0 hectare site adjacent to the Norm Wood Environmental Centre and relocation of the City’s biosolids application process equipment. 

NWEC Blower Upgrade

Work under this project included the replacement of three 36-year-old centrifugal blowers that process air for the oxidation ditches and aerobic digester at the sewage treatment plant.

NWEC Upgrade - Phase 1

Work under this project included upgrading the City's existing sewage treatment facility to increase capacity and address existing operational deficiencies.

NWEC Upgrade - Phase 2

Work under this phase included upgrades to the headworks (sewage screening system), sani-dump receiving facilities, additional aeration oxidation ditch piping, additional WAS pumping capacity, building HVAC improvements, biofilter roof replacement and electrical system upgrades. 

Painter, Barclay and Garfield Roads Watermain Upgrade

Work under this project consisted of installing approximately 920 lineal meters of PVC watermain, water services, hydrants and some culvert replacements.

Robert Ostler Park Restoration

Work under this project was the repair of the damaged shoreline with large boulders (rip rap).  

Robron Park All Weather Field

Work under this project included the construction of a new artificial turf all weather field.

Rockland/Alder PRV Station

Work under this project included the installation of a new above ground Pressure Reducing Valve Station near the Rockland/Alder intersection.

Sewermain Replacement

Work under this contract consists of the rehabilitation of approximately 1173 lineal meters of existing sanitary sewer mains through the use of Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) lining method. 

Simms Creek Culvert Rehabilitation

Work under this project included the rehabilitation of the Simms Creek culvert passing under Galerno Road.

Sybil Andrews Cottage Restoration

In 2010 Council approved the Sybil Andrews Cottage Restoration Project which included a complete restoration of the existing building and property on which the cottage is located.

Waterfront Sewer Upgrade

This project included a new, larger sewer pipe along with the construction of three new lift stations.

Westgate Watermain Upgrade

Work under this project included the renewal of approximately 675 linear meters of watermain originally installed in the 1950s. 

Willow Point Splash Park

Work under this project included the construction of a new splash park. 

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