The City's transportation network is made up of over 200 km of roads and lane ways, including 39 km of arterial roads, 24 km of collector roads and 145 km of local roads. These roads and lanes vary in type from gravel rural roads to major arterial routes such as Dogwood Street. Additionally, there are approximately 151 km of sidewalks maintained by the Roads Department at Dogwood Operations. More than 2,000 streetlights, 23 traffic signals, 42 special crosswalks and all street signs are also part of this network. In addition, the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure looks after 16 traffic signals located on provincial highways within the City of Campbell River.

Some of the maintenance tasks performed by the Roads crews on the City's transportation network are:

  • Street sweeping
  • Line painting
  • Asphalt repairs such as overlays and filling in pot holes
  • Grading
  • Concrete repairs
  • Snow and ice control
  • Street light repairs
In addition to these regular maintenance tasks, the Roads Department also responds to emergency calls for malfunctioning traffic signals and problems with stop signs.

To report any issues with road, sidewalk or street lights Contact

City of Campbell River Dogwood Operations Centre at:
Phone: 250-286-4033 
Address:  385 South Dogwood Street, Campbell River, BC V9W 8C8

For trouble with street lights, the City requires the following information:

  • Exact location (eg. house address)
  • Pole type: wood (BC Hydro) or metal (City)
  • Problem (out, flickering, going on and off etc)
  • Please leave contact name and number. 
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