Although the lakes and rivers surrounding Campbell River create a sense of abundant fresh water, the reality is that natural resources are finite.

With climate change and escalating water demand from a growing population in Campbell River, reducing water use is vital for maintaining our community’s quality of life.

Water conservation is also important in Campbell River, in order to:

  • Ensure there is enough water available for emergency firefighting activities
  • Decrease the amount of water that requires treatment to save on operating costs, as well as sewage and infrastructure upgrades costs
  • Extend the life of existing water storage, treatment and pumping infrastructure
  • Reduce the overall environmental impact
  • Ensure equitable water access in the future; and prevent the need to increase water restrictions


Did you know? The City has a license issued through the Ministry of Lands, Forests and Natural Resources that limits how much water can be withdrawn from John Hart Lake – the City’s water source.

  • In 2022, average residential water use in Campbell River was approx. 454 litres per person per day, more than 1.8 times the national average.
  • Campbell River's average water use doubles during July and August and on some hot days during peak periods even exceeds system capacity.

It’s important to reduce peak summer demands to ensure sufficient supply for services such as fire flow, protect our water source and avoid the need for costly new infrastructure. That’s why we’re encouraging residents, businesses and visitors to Campbell River to do your part to conserve water, protect our water supply and ensure water is available today and for future generations.

Download the City of Campbell River Water Conservation Infosheet to learn more about conserving water in Campbell River.


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