POC Training 2Paid-on-call firefighters are integral members of the Campbell River Fire Department, working alongside full-time firefighters in the provision of fire and rescue services to the City of Campbell River.

Paid-on-call firefighters provide an efficient and effective service to the community in the preservation of life, property, and the environment. They perform the basic functions of fire protection involving:

  • containment of structural and environmental fires
  • rescue of citizens involved in motor vehicle incidents
  • containment of fires and spills involving motor vehicle incidents
  • support of technical rescue and hazardous materials operations
POC Training 1

Paid-on-call firefighters hold regular jobs in the community such as millworkers, tradespeople and office workers. With their employer's permission, they stop work and attend to emergency incidents as they occur, athough this is not a requirement to become a member. This round-the-clock role also relies heavily on the patience and support of their family and social circles.

These invaluable members of the City of Campbell River Fire Department attend to emergency incidents as well as participate in weekly skill maintenance drills, regular structured training exercises and other approved activities.

Recruitment intakes happen approximately once per year. Find out more about our recruitment process and requirements here: POC RECRUITMENT

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