Read about the City of Campbell River's 2012 composting initiatives in partnership with Comox Strathcona Waste Management.

Campbell River Composts! is available for online viewing via the City’s YouTube channel (click on the link at or click here to go to  Compost Video on Youtube .

People can also view the video when they visit the project blog:

The video will also be aired on Shaw TV.

Waste Watchers: Compost Video Challenge

The Revoy Family wins the grand prize in Campbell River’s Video Compost Challenge!

The six Video Compost Challenge families, judges and City staff gathered yesterday on the green roof at City Hall to celebrate completion of the 30-day challenge.

The judges scored the families based on four categories: quality of compost, garbage reduction, composting story and entertainment value of their video footage. With a perfectly layered and steaming compost, no fruit flies, garbage reduction of 23 pounds and filming the Compost Olympics and a Compost rap song, it was clear the Revoy family had won. They have chosen to spend their $500 prize at Thrifty Foods.

Each family in the Video Compost Challenge worked really hard and excelled at the challenge. Paul and Angel of the Murphy family challenged one-another to make sure they composted everything possible during the challenge. Whoever was caught not composting had to give the other a weekend sleep-in. We heard Paul was busted! The Bains family got out into the community and promoted composting. They took their compost camping, got neighbours involved and even started a compost initiative at Evergreen Seniors Lodge. The Thyne-Schmid family went all out creating a very catchy compost song. The Ward family had great compost and added creative elements to their filming such as discovering veggies in their composter having a party. The Spetch family reduced their garbage the most of everyone from 52 lbs in week one to 21.2 lbs by week four.

The six videos reviewed by the judges will be available on the Compost Challenge Blog ( Video Compost Challenge coordinator Amanda Taylor’s Top Ten video aired on Shaw TV and the film, which incorporates the families’ video footage, interviews with community members and a community waste-watcher is now complete.

The Video Compost Challenge was sponsored by a grant from the Comox Strathcona Waste Management.

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