Online Resources

Recycling Council of BC
Easily find where to take materials.  Click on “Recyclepedia.”

Campbell River Recycling and Reuse Directory
A detailed listing of service providers and information on where to recycle products not accepted at the curbside.

Used Oil Recycling BC
Find where to take used oil.

Power of R
Comox Strathcona Waste Management service's environmental education initiative available for schools and community events.

Yellow Pages Eco Guide
Extensive disposal directory available for download online or in the Yellow Pages.

Tire Stewardship BC
Instructions for dropping off or scheduling a pick-up of old tires.

Services Available

Recycling Centers

Check the links above for information on where to take materials. The Recycling Council of British Columbia provides a simple search function connecting products with local recycling facilities. The Campbell River Recycling and Reuse Directory is another thorough listing. There are many resources to find the disposal options that best meet your needs.

Curbside Collection

The City offers weekly curbside garbage, recycling and organics collection.
For more information, visit Campbell River Garbage, Recycling and Organics. 

For more information on Comox Strathcona Waste Management, visit

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