In our ever-changing, complex, technological world, firefighting is not just another job.  It is an employment opportunity that offers a challenging, demanding, exciting and rewarding career.

Today’s firefighter must be skilled, competent and professional, able to meet every kind of emergency swiftly and surely.  Firefighting is a learning process that never ends.  The City of Campbell River firefighters undergo continuous in-service training.  This ongoing education not only provides knowledge of the latest developments in firefighting and rescue techniques, but also includes such subjects as the control of hazardous materials situations, emergency medical procedures, fire prevention legislation and fire investigation techniques.  The firefighter uses acquired teaching skills to educate the public, thereby promoting fire prevention and safety awareness throughout the community. 

Throughout your career as a firefighter your job-related duties and responsibilities will include the following:

  • Fire Suppression
  • Fire Prevention Inspections
  • Rescues
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Hazardous Materials Incidents
  • Fire Hall & Apparatus Maintenance
  • Training Drills
  • Building Inspections
  • Pre-Fire Planning
  • Public Fire Safety Education
  • Operation of Fire Apparatus and Small Equipment

Successful applicants will be those who are: physically fit and well coordinated, honest, reliable, motivated, able to work well with others, willing and able to learn and improve, and who demonstrate a deep sense of commitment and responsibility to serve the public.

In addition to frequent contact with the public, firefighters spend extended periods of time together.  Whether it’s sharing routine maintenance duties at the station or providing back-up at the scene of an emergency,  a firefighter must be able to accept orders without question and work effectively as an essential member of a team of professionals.  Equally important is the firefighter's capacity to assess a situation and act on their own initiative.  Firefighters are frequently called upon to use their foresight, training and judgment to rescue others and protect themselves.

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