Sea level rise is a complex phenomenon with a number of uncertainties. Many municipalities are beginning to consider the impacts on their area. Below are some questions that often arise during discussions about sea level rise.

Sea Level Rise FAQs

  • Q: What is the scientific evidence for global sea level rise?

  • Q: How are rising seas part of climate change?

  • Q: If the land is actually rising in some areas, does that counteract sea level rise?

  • Q: If global sea level is rising, why does the NOAA tide gauge data show that sea levels in Campbell River are dropping?

  • Q: When the ice in my glass of water melts, it doesn’t change the overall water level… so how does melting ice cause sea level rise?

  • Q: Does this mean high tides are getting higher?

  • Q: Why are we planning for sea level rise now? And what is the trigger for implementing strategies?

  • Q: How can we prepare and protect property against sea level rise?

  • Q: Will my home be affected by sea level rise?

  • Q: How much time do I have to prepare for sea level rise?

  • Q: How is this related to Hwy19A upgrades and Big Rock Boat Ramp?

  • Q: Can beach rehabilitation help?

  • Q: What are hard and soft approaches for beach rehabilitation?

  • Q: Are hard or soft shore approaches better to avoid damages from sea level rise?

  • Q: How will sea level rise affect beach access and use?

  • Q: When will the Ostler Park upgrades be implemented?

  • Q: How are property values affected by sea level rise?

  • Q: How do I prepare my home for sea level rise?

  • Q: Who will pay for community upgrades?

  • Q: I’ve heard that the City has a land acquisition program. Will the City be buying my waterfront property?

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