Zoning Change or Amendment

In assessing your development proposal an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw may be needed to amend the zone for the property (rezoning) or amend the text of the bylaw. When applying for an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw, an amendment to the Official Community Plan may also be necessary, and these two types of application can be processed together. As a part of the application process, all of these types of applications are forwarded to a Public Hearing in order to provide all interested parties the opportunity to address Council.

To assess what applies to your proposal please set up an appointment for a pre-application meeting with the Development Services Staff who will be happy to assist you in filling out your formal application.

You may wish to present your proposal to the Development Review Committee before submitting your formal application The Development Review Committee is made up of various departmental staff members and meets every two weeks. This provides an opportunity for applicants to present a development proposal and discuss with staff the feasibility of the proposal before submitting formal applications.

For all application types there are minimum submission requirements.  The City does not accept incomplete applications.  To make sure there are no avoidable delays, you should ensure that you have the following:

*The specific information and plan requirements for applications vary depending on the particular characteristics of the site and the project.


Although the City of Campbell River tries to assure the accuracy of all information here, you should confirm all information with the Planning staff at the Development Services Department.