Downtown redevelopment and safety are top priorities for the City of Campbell River. Amendments to the current Zoning Bylaw are needed to support these priorities.

Proposed amendments were prepared that look to ensure services remain accessible to those who need them while also avoiding concentration in the downtown, by supporting the establishment or relocation of social services to other zones. The proposal was developed based on public consultation, Council direction, a legal review and professional recommendations.

Key Changes

Proposed Zoning Amendment Bylaw 3861 focuses on:

  1. Replacing the current definition of Community Care and/or Social Care Facility, which is widely permissible and includes numerous uses; and
  2. Identifying through zoning which areas of the city should permit which social services.

The proposed bylaw would allow Child Care and Community Care in most zones, and Social Care and Substance Use Care would be permitted in the Ironwood Area and all Village Centres. A summary of proposed changes and a map of the adjusted Ironwood Area is available here.

Next Steps

June 13, 2022

May 9, 2022

  • A Report and Zoning Package was presented to Council at the May 9, 2022, Council Meeting. The bylaw is scheduled to receive first and second reading, following consideration of several options.
  • Should Council proceed, a Public Hearing will take place in month 2022, where the public can share their opinions and feedback on the proposed amendment.

Project History

March 2022

  • A consultation summary package was prepared and presented to Council.
  • Council directed staff to prepare the Zoning Amendment Bylaw to focus on the social service aspects of the proposal and delay consideration of the downtown redevelopment initiatives.

January/February, 2022

  • Concepts were presented to the public for input during a series of virtual roundtable events and an online survey.
  • The Community Health and Public Safety Committee, Community Planning Advisory Committee and Downtown Safety Select Committee reviewed the proposed amendments.

November, 2021

  • Zoning amendments were prepared with two key considerations:  
    • Modernizing and simplifying the Downtown Zone to encourage redevelopment, and
    • Refining definitions and allowable locations associated with specific social services.

    Thank you for your interest and participation in this process. Your input is valued and important.

    If you have questions about this process or would like to submit a written comment for consideration on the record, contact


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