XWalkThe City has many walking amenities, including trails, sidewalks and crosswalks. There are more than 100 crosswalks in the City of Campbell River, including 42 crosswalks with flashing amber lights. There are more than 130 km of sidewalks in the City of Campbell River, with a long-term plan to increase the City’s walk-ability with the installation of many more kilometers of sidewalk.

Master transportation plan

There are many benefits to walking including reducing car dependence, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving health of residents, increasing social connections, reducing infrastructure demands, and creating more livable and vibrant communities.

The Master Transportation Plan has set a goal to increase walking from the current 5.5% (2006) up to 10% (2036).  The City aims to accomplish this by building more sidewalks, focusing on pedestrian priority areas, enhancing pedestrian treatments and developing the greenways network.

Recent improvements to pedestrian infrastructure include:

  • New sidewalks (South McPhedran Road)
  • New and enhanced crosswalks (Highway 19A at 1st Ave, 2nd Ave, 5th Ave, 6th Ave and at Maritime Heritage Centre)
  • New guide signage for the Greenways Loop

Greenways SignGreenways loop

Visitors and locals are invited to cycle, walk and/or roll around the Greenways Loop – a 28km, wheelchair accessible, recreational trail linking Campbell River’s Forests, River, Ocean and Greenways (FROG).  The Loop’s vision, design, construction and maintenance include time, money and resources from countless volunteers and organizations – symbolizing an abundance of our community connections.  Almost every Campbell River resident lives within 5 km of the Loop. 



For additional information about pedestrian infrastructure, please contact:

City of Campbell River Transportation Department
Phone: 250-286-5700
Email: transportation@campbellriver.ca
Mailing address: 301 St. Ann's Road, Campbell River, BC V9W 4C7

For additional information on City trails and parks, please visit the Parks Department.

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