Schnitzer, 5551 Duncan Bay Road
Phone: (250) 287-8748
Accepts: All ferrous and nonferrous metals, appliances, batteries, refrigerators and computer electronics.

ABC Recycling, 4318 Terminal Place
Phone: (250) 286-3504
Accepts: Metal and metal scrap including appliances and demolition scrap.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore, 1725 Willow Street
Phone: (250) 830-1493
Accepts (as charitable donation): Building materials and appliances for reuse. Scrap metal and metal appliances for recycling.

Encorp Return-It Centre/Campbell River Bottle Depot, 1580-F Willow Street
Phone: (250) 287-4224
Accepts: Bottles (for deposit refund), milk containers, paint, gasoline (max 20L in approved ULC containers), other flammables in original containers (max 9L kerosene, 10L others), pesticides and electronics.

Campbell River Waste Management Centre (Landfill), 6200 Argonaut Rd
Leave Campbell River and follow Highway 28 towards Gold River for about 8 kilometres. Turn left on Argonaut Road. Open 7 days a week – 8:30 am - 5:30 pm.
Phone: (250) 286-5700
Accepts: Most solid waste, sorted and unsorted recyclables.

  • Batteries (household & automotive)
  • Metals
  • Multi material recycle centre:
  • Newspapers, magazines & stationery
  • Cardboard & boxboard (flattened)
  • Glass (food containers only)
  • Metal cans (food containers only)
  • Plastics #1–#7 (no Styrofoam)

Take-Back Programs, Various Retailers
Retailers will often take back items, for recycling or safe disposal after their customers are finished with them.  Inquire at the point of purchase.  All Pharmacies accept old medication, free of charge.

Hazardous Waste

The Island Return-It Centre (listed above) accepts many hazardous materials, often without charge. Also check at the point of purchase if items can be returned – many retailers will accept them.  Common items include electronic waste, gasoline, pesticides and paint, which can all be taken to the Island Return-It Centre/Campbell River Bottle Depot. 

Download the hazardous waste disposal guide

Batteries – Batteries are common hazardous materials that can leach mercury, cadmium and other toxins from their casings. All batteries can be recycled at no charge at the Campbell River Waste Management Centre (landfill). Other options include:

  • Alkaline batteries are accepted at London Drugs
  • Rechargeable batteries are accepted at The Source by Circuit City.
  • Automotive batteries are accepted at Island Return-It Centre/Campbell River Bottle Depot.

Reuse and Renewal

Re-use options Thrift shops, donation, and online resources are options for unwanted items that would be of use to others. Locally, consider the Habitat for Humanity ReStore (listed above) for donating items such as appliances, building material and scrap metal and the Salvation Army for smaller goods. Online selling options can connect you with local buyers: Popular websites includeCraigslist and Make sure to follow safety precautions online: don’t give out personal financial information and be weary of long-distance buyers.

Renewal options – It’s not technically a service, but chances are it was the choice favored by your grandparents. It can be fun to find new uses for previously unwanted items around the house. Worn-out clothes make great rags or pillow covers, glass jars can organize items and old carpet stapled on boards make great scratching posts for cats – think creatively!

Innovative ideas from community members:
“Old socks for advent calendars, dusters, puppets.”
“My own vegetable garden.”
“Rethinking purchasing.”

Green Event Guidelines – Plan your own low-waste, "green" event!  Download the City of Campbell River Green Event Guide here

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