Multi-family Recycling – All Buildings Required by Dec 31, 2016

All multi-family buildings in Campbell River will be required to have recycling in place by December 31, 2016 and there are incentives in place for buildings starting new recycling programs.

For more information on the program requirements click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recycling FAQs

  • Are multi-family buildings required to have recycling?

  • When is my recycling collected?

  • What materials are accepted in the blue recycling bins?

  • What about statutory holidays?

  • What happens if curbside collection is cancelled for my area for one week?

  • What time does my blue box have to be out?

  • Will paper blow away on a windy day?

  • Won’t papers and cardboard get soggy when it rains?

  • I have too much material to fit into one box!

  • What materials are accepted at the multi-bins sites?

  • What can I recycle at Multi-Material BC (MMBC) approved depots?

  • What about Glass?

  • Why is my home not included in the recycling collection program?

  • Where can I find out more information about recycling options?

  • Who do I contact for services inquires or to report a missed pickup?

  • What about foam?

Bakery bag

Due to stricter end-market guidelines, paper bags lined with plastic (e.g. dog food bags, tortilla chip bags, etc.) are no longer accepted in blue bins. 

Recycle BC, the organization established by industry to improve recycling, provides an incentive to Campbell River to continue providing the existing blue box curbside collection program through current contractor Emterra Environmental. Recycling collection schedules will remain the same, with collection on a weekly basis. 

Did you know that the average household in Campbell River discards 340 kg of garbage each year, but as much as 90% of it can be diverted from the landfill? Items such as milk cartons, aerosol cans, spiral wound containers for frozen juice, cookies and other items, hot and cold drink cups and plastic plant pots are able to be recycled.



A wide range of materials are accepted at the depots. 
Visit the  Comox Strathcona Waste Management website to find a complete list and a location near you.



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