Water conservation is critical in the summer months in Campbell River – but has benefits year-round too. Every step to conserve water has lasting effects on the environment, the City’s infrastructure and our community’s quality of life.

Looking for ways to be water wise outdoors at your home or business? 

Follow the tips below to use less water around your property and help reduce strain on the water system.




  • Raise your lawnmower blade: Setting your lawn mower to three inches will allow the green parts of your grass to grow longer, which allows less evaporation to occur and for the lawn to hold more moisture.
  • Use only one inch of water per week: Grass in the Campbell River area is not capable of absorbing any more than one inch of water per week (due to the evapotranspiration rate). You can measure this by placing a rain gauge on your lawn. Call the Water Wise Hotline (250-203-2316) or email water.wise@campbellriver.ca for a free rain gauge.
  • Water in the morning or evening: This helps prevent loss of water due to evaporation.
  • Increase soil depth: Soil depth of six inches or more helps maintain healthy and strong grass. If your soil depth is less than six inches, add a good quality soil or compost in spring and fall – this will help keep grass healthy, even through drier months.
  • Aerate your lawn: Do this at least once a year, preferably in early summer or fall, to avoid soil compaction and make it easier for water to penetrate the soil.


  • Plant drought tolerant, native plants: This minimizes the need for supplemental irrigation.


  • Check for leaks: Routinely check and service your irrigation system, as well as all outdoor pipes, faucets, and hoses for leaks.
  • Use an automatic sprinkler system with timers: This will help limit watering to optimal or permitted windows.
  • Check water distribution: Use sprinklers that keep water close to the ground and distribute water uniformly. Ensure water is reaching green areas, instead of sidewalks, driveways, or other non-landscaped areas.
  • Install a rain sensor: To ensure watering doesn’t happen while it’s raining.
  • Control the flow: Use a hose with an automatic shut-off nozzle.


  • Use a pool cover: This will help to reduce evaporation in the pool.
  • Use a water-saving pool filter: Your choice of pool filter can impact water usage, which is especially important during drought conditions in summer months.


  • Practice grey water recycling: Collect and reuse water from activities such as dishwashing and washing foods for outdoor watering use.
  • Install rain barrels: Water diverted from roofs and gutters into a large storage tank or barrel, can be reused for activities like lawn or garden watering or washing vehicles. Rain barrels are available locally from most large hardware/household goods stores.


Contact us on our water-wise hotline, to ask questions about water conservation or watershed protection.

Hotline hours are weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you call after hours, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are calling to report a sprinkling violation, please provide the date and time of the violation, as well as the correct street address. Please note that only water use violations observed by City personnel may be subject to fines. Water use violations reported by members of the public may result in a Courtesy Letter being sent to the residence in question.

Lawn Watering FAQs

Lawn Watering FAQs

  • Do I have to “go brown” in order to conserve water?

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  • What is the easiest, most practical way to keep my lawn green without wasting water?

  • What are some water-wise tips for the lawn?

  • Once an automatic system has been installed, what's next?

  • Are there water exemptions, such as for nurseries?

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