CPTED imageWhat is CPTED?

CPTED (pronounced sep-ted) stands for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. It focuses on simple and cost-effective design solutions to reduce fear and criminal acts from taking place in and around the built environment, while improving quality of life. CPTED strategies can be applied during the design and building, or to existing spaces, and should complement urban design quality in a way that encourages a sense of place.

View the City's CPTED brochure here for practical tips to help protect your property and assets against crime, and contribute to a safer, more vibrant community. 

CPTED Basic Principles
Greg Perkins from Liahona Security summarizes the four basic principles of CPTED. To learn more click on the link to watch a short presentation for each of the four principles.

Natural Access Control
Guiding how people enter and leave a space through the placement of entrances, exits, fences, landscaping, signs, and lighting, applies principles of natural access control. By denying access to unobservable areas and potential crime targets, natural access control increases the perception of risk to an offender.  

Natural Surveillance
Design and placement of physical features, activities, and people can maximize visibility and surveillance. Criminal offences decrease under the risk of being observed. Natural surveillance can also encourage positive social interactions, as people are likely to feel safer when they can see and be seen. 

Territorial Reinforcement
Clearly defining the boundaries between public and private property promotes ownership, can deter potential intruders and helps to identify acceptable behaviours in each space. 

The more run-down an area, the greater the risk of attracting criminal activity, while also driving away responsible users. Consistently well-maintained areas send a message that someone cares about and looks after the space, which deters criminals.

Apply for the CPTED Grant Program

The CPTED Grant Program, which is offered in partnership with the Downtown Business Improvement Association, funds eligible businesses and building owners in the Downtown Business Improvement Area to improve their properties' surroundings and prevent criminal acts and unwelcome behaviour through CPTED-related improvements. 

See the attached map for the program boundary.

Grants for 50% of eligible improvements, to a maximum of $10,000 per property, are available for application each year. 

CPTED Grant Program Application Package

CPTED Improvement Checklist

CPTED Grant Program Process Diagram Template



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