This page contains information on engineering submissions related to Works and Services for subdivisions and building permits.

What are Works and Services?

Works and Services (W&S) are upgrades to infrastructure owned by the City, or private infrastructure required by the City, that are required as part of a Subdivision Application or Building Permit Application. This may include both off-site and on-site infrastructure. This process and the requirements are outlined in the Subdivision and Development Bylaw and supporting documents.

The process includes the following stages:.

  • An Engineering Submission package must be submitted to the City for consideration.
  • When accepted by the City, construction of the infrastructure can begin,
  • An Acceptance Submission package submitted to the City for consideration.
  • A one year maintenance period.

Engineering Submission Requirements

Engineering Submissions

  • Subdivisions

  • Building permits

  • Approved Utility Product List

  • Approved Utility Product Review and Approval Process

Engineering Permits

Engineering Permits