Operation of a business within the city requires a valid business licence, unless exempted by provincial or federal legislation.

Food truck business licences cost $35 per operating day and will be valid until February 27 of the following year. To apply for a food truck business licence, please fill out the Food Truck Business Licence Application. Submit it digitally as an email attachment to business.licence@campbellriver.ca.

Any person carrying on more than one business shall obtain and pay for a separate business licence for each and every such business.

Here's how to apply:

  1. Submit a completed Food Truck Business Licence Application to business.licence@campbellriver.ca. The application shall include:
    • A description of the service being offered
    • Licencee (owner) information
    • Trade name
    • Licence plate number
    • Description of vehicle
    • Insurance policy meeting the minimum requirements as stated in Business Licence Bylaw No. 3296, 2007, and the insurance agent’s name
    • VIHA certificate
    • Fire Suppression Plan (if needed)
    • Discharge Management Plan
    • Letter of permission from the property owner if operating on private property
  2. The application will be reviewed by City staff to determine if the use is permitted by, and meets all requirements of, the City of Campbell River’s Zoning Bylaw and Business Licence Bylaw. If the food truck is not a permitted use for the area, it cannot proceed at the specified location.
  3. Once it is determined that the use is permitted under the Zoning Bylaw and Business Licence Bylaw, the application is reviewed by Building and Fire Inspectors for their endorsement prior to approval by the Business Licence Inspector.
  4. Note that Vancouver Island Health Authority approval is also required for food trucks.
  5. Once all conditions are met, successful applicants will receive a food truck business licence. The licence will be emailed to successful applicants, and will be valid until February 27 of the following year.
  6. After being approved for a food truck business licence, vendors must reserve a site—in advance—for the days they would like to operate. All food truck bookings—including for the six locations mentioned here, for events at the Sportsplex or Campbell River Community Centre, and for events at other locations—will be taken by the Recreation and Culture Department. Contact the Recreation and Culture Department by calling (250) 286-1161 or emailing recandculture@campbellriver.ca. Site bookings will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.
  7. A business licence fee of $35 per operating day will be collected by the Recreation and Culture Department at the time of booking. Please note that this is a non-refundable fee.
  8. The Recreation and Culture Department will provide a booking contract that identifies the valid licensing dates. A licence is only valid when used on the date and for the site that has been reserved and paid for. The food truck business licence and booking contract must be clearly visible on or in the food truck.

Processing time depends largely on the complexity of the business proposal and the ability of the applicant to meet licencing requirements.

Should your business close, you are required to notify the Business Licence Department in writing. Your licence is linked to the civic address submitted on the application; should you change location, you will need to inform the Business Licence Department to have the licence reviewed and reissued.

Food Truck Locations

The City is now also accepting applications to operate food trucks at these selected public locations downtown or along the waterfront:

  • Spirit Square
  • Rotary Beach Park
  • Ken Forde Park
  • Rockland Road parking lot
  • Maritime Heritage Centre parking lot
  • Big Rock Boat Ramp overflow parking lot

Note that power is not currently available at these locations. The City is considering options for potentially establishing power at these locations in the future. A letter of permission is not required to operate at these six public locations, provided that the City has issued a food truck business licence to the vendor and the vendor has booked the site for the day(s) they wish to operate.

In addition to the public locations mentioned here, food trucks will continue to be permitted at certain other locations for events that are booked through the Recreation and Culture Department, provided that a valid City-issued food truck licence has been obtained. Likewise, food truck vendors with a City-issued food truck licence may continue operating at certain private locations, where permitted.