Campbell River is quite unique from a healthcare and healthy-living perspective. While many communities in British Columbia currently face a significant doctor shortage, Campbell River does not. Part of the reason for this is the exceptional quality of life that is available here for doctors and other health practitioners. Maintaining an active lifestyle is often a top priority for healthcare workers, and that is simply built into our community. Doctors, physiotherapists, nurses and other health professionals find democratic hours and work-life balance on offer here, meaning our residents always have access to the services they need. With a new, state-of-the-art hospital and educational facilities—including Campbell River’s first simulation lab, at North Island College—along with multiple professional development opportunities, healthcare workers in Campbell River can grow their careers without sacrificing a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Local Business Environment

The healthcare community in Campbell River is tight-knit, sharing patients, facilities and training resources across disciplines.

  • Local healthcare professionals have access to online and digital learning tools, including workshops, seminars and training events.
  • Larger centres are easily accessible for further professional development, including by remote connections such as videoconferencing.

Competitive Environment

By all reports, Campbell River is unique from a health and wellness perspective.

  • While many BC communities currently face a doctor shortage, Campbell River does not. 
  • Patients usually have no trouble finding a GP, home care worker, physiotherapist, etc.
  • Work-life balance is optimal here for healthcare professionals, offering a highly active lifestyle with
    democratic work hours and opportunities for career development.
“It’s both affordability and the lifestyle here that is attracting
young doctors. What I hear from new physicians is that
this community really just suits their lifestyle as family
practitioners, and how they want to practice medicine. It’s
active, outdoor, healthy living. What’s not to love?”
- Christine Colbert, Executive Director of the
Division of Family Practice
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Municipal Support

The City of Campbell River is committed to improving the health and wellness of our community overall; this remains a focus of our sustainable land-use planning. This includes:

  • promoting exercise and neighbourhood safety by planning pedestrian and cycling options within community developments, as well as commercial centres • continuing to work with non-profit organizations and other groups to address housing and homelessness issues
  • operating and funding a Downtown Safety Office, which brings together enforcement, health and wellness professionals to ensure safety for all in our downtown core 
  • working with the healthcare sector and non-profit organizations to promote access to doctors, childcare and addiction treatment options

Land & Real Estate

  • Downtown office space is available to rent, lease and purchase, and there are several development sites for new office and commercial development.
  • In addition, there are more than 100 acres of vacant, commercially-zoned land suitable for a wide range of health-related services, including those that are co-located with accommodation properties or traditional and alternative medical practitioners.
  • The newly opened North Island Hospital, Campbell River and District, has incorporated office space,
    freeing up space that was previously utilized out in the
    (Source: Campbell River Employment Land Strategy)
  • There is currently a healthy number of doctors in Campbell River, and several are taking new patients.
  • There exists a variety of work for GPs, RNs, home-care professionals, etc.
  • Most physicians have hospital privileges, with opportunities to work in several departments. 
  • Healthcare professionals often have accessible means to
    continue caring for patients outside their clinics.
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Campbell River is a medical- and emergency-services hub that also serves rural communities on the North and West Island. This means that transportation is critical to saving lives and keeping communities safe.

  • Medical helicopter offers quick transport to Vancouver and Victoria for emergencies.
  • Highway 19A is well-maintained and connects Campbell River to the North and West Island.
  • It is a 35-minute flight to Vancouver from the Campbell River Airport.

Education/Training Opportunities

Local and nearby institutions offer many entry and advanced levels of coursework and programs within several areas of healthcare, such as:

  • Community Support Worker
  • Community Mental Health Worker
  • First Aid and CPR Training
  • Dental Assistant
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Medical Device Reprocessing Technician
  • Hospital Unit Coordinator

Growth/Expected Growth

  • There are 157 health and wellness employers in Campbell River as of June 2019. (Source: Statistics
    Canada Business Counts)
  • There has been a boost of 33 health-and-wellness employers in the last three years, with an estimated increase of nearly 200 jobs. (Source: estimate by Vann Struth Consulting Group, based on data from Statistics Canada Business Counts)
  • The largest increases have been seen in physician and dental offices, residential developmental handicap facilities, and physical, occupational and speech therapist offices.


Connection is crucial to providing health and medical care across our region. Campbell River continues to work with providers and rural communities to ensure internet and cellular access is maintained and improved.

  • Internet providers offer competitive rates for high volume data needs.
  • Telus invested $1.5 million to improve cell phone service on rural Highway 19A in 2016.
  • CRadvantage is a municipally owned, high-speed, fibre-optic broadband network that connects the
    downtown core, with room to expand to other areas in the future.