A municipal heritage register is an official listing of properties identified by a local government as having heritage value or heritage character. 

Sybil Andrews Cottage

Location: 2131 South Island Highway

The historic place consists of the Sybil Andrews Cottage, the Walter Morgan studio and the Andrews-Morgan property. View Statement of Significance.

willow point community hall 984 23Willow Point Hall

Location: 2165 South Island Highway

The Lion's Willow Point Community Hall is situated beside Sybil Andrews Property on the Old Island Highway. This privately owned facility was built in the late 1940's and has served the community for more than 70 years. View Statement of Significance.

Haig-Brown House

Haig-Brown House and Grounds

Location: 2250 Campbell River Road

The Haig-Brown House is located adjacent to the Campbell River and is surrounded by 20 acres of natural and manicured property. Built in 1923, it is of an “arts and crafts” design, and was the residence of the writer and conservationist Roderick Haig-Brown and his family. View Statement of Significance.  

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