The Campbell River Fire Department is dedicated to improving the overall safety of our residents and visitors. Regularly scheduled inspections by our Fire Inspector and Fire Suppression members ensure that commercial, industrial, public assembly buildings, and residential occupancies are compliant with the BC Fire Code.

During these inspections, buildings are checked for:

  • the condition of fire safety equipment (fire alarms, sprinkler systems, emergency lighting, extinguishers, etc.)
  • fire hazards
  • life safety issues
  • access for fire fighting

Commercial Fire Inspection Requirements

Making sure buildings are free from fire hazards isn't just common sense - it's the law. As building owners and commercial tenants you have a responsibility to fulfill certain requirements under the BC Fire Code.

To help you understand your responsibilities, the Campbell River Fire Department has created a series of reference documents. Review the Commercial Fire Inspections brochure, the Fire Safety and You brochure, and the Fire Inspection Guideline for your particular building use.

Reference Booklets

Fire Safety Plan Guidelines

If your occupancy/building type requires a Fire Safety Plan, please review our Fire Safety Plan Guidelines.

Fire Safety plans are required for:

  • every building containing an assembly, care, treatment, or detention occupancy.
  • every building required by the BC Building Code to have a fire alarm system
  • areas where flammable/combustible liquids are stored or handled
  • areas where hazardous processes or operations occur in conformance with Article of the BC Fire Code.

Submit your fire safety plan to the Campbell River Fire Department's Prevention Division for review.


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