Drinking Water Regulation

The City of Campbell River's drinking water is regulated by the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) Drinking Water Officer. Water suppliers must comply with the BC Drinking Water Protection Act and Regulation to maintain their operating permits and ensure safe, clean drinking water is supplied to the communities. The BC Provincial Government has adopted the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines which are established by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial governments. The City's water continues to meet the requirements set out in the guidelines.

Disinfection Monitoring

The City disinfects its water with ultra violet irradiation and chlorine. There is continuous 24-hour monitoring at treatment points. In the event of a water service disruption, alarms are triggered, and an on-call water operator will respond. The City also conducts weekly testing to ensure there are adequate amounts of chlorine throughout the distribution system.

Water Quality Testing and Results

Weekly Sampling

To ensure that the highest quality water is provided to the community, water is tested weekly at dedicated sample sites (673 KB) in the distribution system. Tests are taken to measure free chlorine, total chlorine, pH, turbidity, temperature, conductivity. Please see the link for the recent monthly summary of the results. Monthy Treated Water Samples (118 KB).

Quarterly Sampling

The City also collects samples at four locations in the distribution system and tests for a variety of parameters. Quarterly Treated Sample Report (162 KB).

Bacterial Sampling

As required by the BC Drinking Water Protection Regulation, the City collects water samples to test for Escherichia Coli and Total Coliform, which are indicator species for possible contamination. Samples are taken weekly throughout the distribution system and sent to the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control for analysis. The lab results are sent directly to the City and VIHA.

Please see the VIHA website for bacterial sample results - VIHA Sample Results

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