As the central technology provider for the City of Campbell River, the Information Technology Department provides services encompassing enterprise-wide municipal applications support, technology infrastructure and integration, IT security, geographic information systems, and radio telemetry support.

A new city website was released in 2013 and continues to be enhanced, under the guidance of the Information Technology Department, as a tool for residents, employees, business owners and visitors of the City of Campbell River. It provides easy access to important City resources and information as well as the ability to transact business remotely through services such as on-line payment options, interactive mapping and the ability to automatically submit forms for various departmental business purposes. 

Overall, the Information Technology Department serves as technical consultants and provides desktop, network, application and systems management services for all City Departments and for the City of Campbell River community at large.

The Information Technology Department is committed to providing secure, proven, innovative technologies that enhance operational efficiencies while providing convenient access to city information and services for citizens, visitors and businesses.


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