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Each year, properties in the City of Campbell River are assessed property taxes that help pay for city services such as recreation facilities, parks and trails, city streets and storm drain systems. Some property taxes are based on the assessed values, while other taxes are a flat amount for each parcel.


Tax FAQs

  • When is the last day to pay taxes without penalty?

  • What if I don’t pay?

  • How can I pay?

  • Where can I pay?

  • What if I sold the property?


  • What are pre-authorized withdrawals (PAWS)?

  • How do I apply for PAWS?

  • Do I have to claim my Home Owner Grant if I am enrolled in PAWS?

  • What happens if I sell my house?

  • How is the PAWS monthly payment amount calculated?

  • Will I earn interest on my tax prepayments?

Home Owner Grant

Homeowner grant eligibility guidelines and application process. more...

Property Tax Deferment

If you are 55 years or older, or you are financially supporting a child under the age of 18, you may be eligible to defer your property taxes. more...

Property Tax Estimator

Use this handy tool to estimate your property taxes. more...

Rates and Archives

Information about annual tax rates. Download documents detailing property tax rates for prior years. more...

Taxes and Assessments

Assessments, tax rates, annual tax notice, due date, penalty and payment information. more...

Tax Certificates

Link to API Canada tax certificates. more...

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