Building Permits and inspections ensure that buildings comply with the safety, health, building and zoning requirements of the City and the Province of British Columbia, by meeting the minimum standards outlined in the BC Building Code and other applicable legislation.

Through building permits and inspections, the Building Department supports homeowners, builders, and developers in implementing building requirements to ensure that new construction and renovations meet the minimum standards outlined in the BC Building Code and other applicable legislation.

Read about the BC Energy Step Code STEP Code that came into effect May 1, 2023.
Read about the New Asbestos Requirements that came into effect January 1, 2024

Building Permit Applications and Information

The types of application(s) and supporting documentation required for a Building Permit Application will vary based on the type of project being explored. If you are new to the Campbell River building permit and inspection process or have questions read the information bulletins or contact the Building Department before developing detailed plans.

The streamlined building permit application process has one Building Permit Application Form that covers: Residential Building and Multi-Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Modular/ Mobile Home, Plumbing, Retaining Walls, Demolition, etc.

The City has additional documents to help users understand the City's Building Permit and Inspection Process. The documents are for general guidance and do not replace bylaws or other legal documents.

All building permit applications and information bulletins are available on the Application Forms and Guidelines page. 

Building Inspections

At various stages of construction, you must have the work inspected and approved. The required inspections for your permit will be listed on your Building Permit.

To request an inspection, email Please include the address of the site and type of inspection. All work being inspected must be complete and ready at the time of inspection.

Please note that the site and the building works must be in a safe condition for the Building Official to perform the inspection, which includes having the street address posted on the work site.

Access to Property Files

If you are the registered owner of a property, you may view your property file at City Hall through the Development Services Department with proof of ownership.

To view a property file when you are not the registered owner, you must have an Agent Authorization Form filled out by the owner allowing you access to that file. In the case of a foreclosure, you will require the authorization of the mortgage holder.

Photocopies of documentation from the file can be provided for a fee.



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