Through public consultation, the City has identified goals to ensure that Campbell River protects and conserves aspects of the natural environment for future generations through the development permit process.

Environmentally sensitive areas are included below:

Click here summary of nest records and locations of all known Bald Eagle nest trees in Campbell River.

Click here to learn more about the primary constraints to Bald Eagle nesting success (food supply, eagle health, availability of nesting and perch trees and disturbance).

Click here to read the 2016 Eagle Chick update.

These are critical components in maintaining the community's natural attributes and livability. Environmental development permit goals also recognize that the conservation of nature and its ecosystems are a substantial

strategy to both mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The goals are as follows:

  • Reduce impacts to Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Minimize air, land and water pollution
  • Protect and maintain the urban forest
  • Minimize the loss of sensitive ecosystem inventory sites

The primary function of the development permit area designation is to ensure that decision makers have the ability to secure the necessary information and are able to establish conditions of development that minimize development impacts on sensitive ecosystems, rare or endangered plants and animals, and fisheries and wildlife resources.

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