Underground or buried residential oil tanks were commonly used in Campbell River. Over the years, as alternative heating sources such as natural gas, propane and electricity have become available, it is expected that some of these storage tanks are now and possibly abandoned.  This is a concern because the old tanks are a potential source of soil and groundwater contamination. Removing tanks will help to prevent pollution, protect the value of your property and meet potential insurance requirements.  Although the City of Campbell River does not have a bylaw that regulates underground oil tanks, the Environmental Protection Bylaw prescribes that "No person shall cause or permit any Deleterious Material, or water containing Deleterious Material, to be deposited or released, directly or indirectly, including through Groundwater contamination, into a Watercourse or Storm Drainage System that would Foul the Watercourse of the Storm Drainage System." Additionally, all property owners in BC are legally responsible for complying with the provincial Environmental Management Act and the Contaminated Sites and Hazardous Waste Regulations.


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