Many parks projects were identified in our Parks Strategic Plan 2012   which lists priorities for investment in parks, sports fields and trail systems for the next ten to twenty years. some of the completed projects include ball field upgrades, playground equipment replacement, construction of an outdoor lacrosse box and Baikie Island land reclamation projects.


Raven_Site_BaikieIslandBaikie Island Riparian Zone Restoration

The Baikie Island Nature Reserve protects a significant portion of the Campbell River Estuary. It is an extremely important and productive area for all five species of wild salmon in BC as well as other plant and animal species. Read More: Baikie Island Restoration


 Big Rock Boat Launch Design

The City has completed a detailed design for improvements to the boat ramp facility that include upgrades to the breakwater, replacement and expansion of the ramp, fish cleaning facilities, washrooms and enhanced parking. This project will be undertaken as funding becomes available. We are also looking at possible areas for additional parking for vehicles and trailers. 


Greenways Loop Design - Maryland to Jubilee

Construction ready drawings are being prepared for the extension of the Seawalk from Maryland to Jubilee Parkway. This will complete a section of the Greenways Loop Trail, a 25 km trail which circumnavigates the City.


Parks Irrigation Strategy

The Parks Department continues to upgrade the Parks irrigation system, connecting it to the central computerized control system. This will help to create efficiencies in Parks operation and will improve water conservation.


Parks Permanent Washrooms

New permanent parks washrooms have been added to Robron Park.


Penfield West Park Drainage

Drainage problems will be fixed at Penfield West Linear Park. Spring water which is running over the walkway in several locations will be redirected to the stormwater swale on the northeast side of the park.


Sybil Andrews Cottage Restoration

Restoration work at Sybil Andrews cottage in Willow Point is almost complete. Remaining works this year include painting of the window frames and doors.


Walter Morgan Studio Restoration

The Parks Department is working with the Campbell River Rotary Club to complete upgrades to the foundation of the Walter Morgan Studio on the Sybil Andrews Heritage Site.


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