The Zoning Bylaw 3250, 2006 (Schedule A Text) divides the City into zones with established boundaries, and regulates, among other things, the use of land, location of uses on land, the size of parcels created by subdivision and the density. Zoning guides the growth of the community in a systematic and orderly way, ensuring that use of land and structures develop in proper relationship to one another.

The City of Campbell River’s Zoning Bylaw was adopted August 28, 2007 and the purpose of this bylaw is to establish land use regulations for the City of Campbell River consistent with the official community plan polices and in accordance with Sections 903 to 906 of the Local Government Act. Community Planning & Development Services is responsible for processing development related applications such as changing the land use on a property (rezoning) or amending the text of the Bylaw.

The City's Interactive Zoning Map will provide zoning information and basic utility information. As the information shown on the map may not always be fully up to date the map is provided for information only and should not be relied upon as authoritative. Please confirm the designations and zoning through staff at the Land Use Services Department.



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