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Recognizing and preserving community heritage inspires a strong sense of pride and belonging in a community and raises awareness around the local history and culture.The Heritage Program groups heritage sites into one of three categories, with different levels of protection.

I. Community Heritage Inventory

At the lower end of the spectrum, the Community Heritage Inventory informally identifies heritage resources, but provides no protection from alterations or demolition. 

II. Community Heritage Register:

Up a level is the Community Heritage Register, which formally identifies heritage values. However, similar to the Heritage Inventory, properties on the register do not have protection. To place a property on the Heritage Register, Council must vote in favour of a resolution to do so and a Statement of Significance is required detailing the heritage value of the site. 

III. Community Heritage Designation:

Community Heritage Designation is the highest level of the heritage program, which ensures long-term protection of a heritage resource through a city bylaw. To be given heritage designation, a Statement of Significance is required, as is a Heritage Designation bylaw and public hearings.

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