• What is CCTV?

    Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) involves inserting a camera into Storm or sewer pipes to view and assess their condition.

    The City of Campbell River has a dedicated CCTV truck that operates year-round to assess the condition of our underground assets. The truck has the ability to launch one of two different sized tractors, which are self-propelled platforms that carry the camera down the pipe. With this equipment we have the ability to inspect 150mm (6 inch) up to 900mm (36 inch) pipe. In addition, we are able to launch a push style camera from this tractor inside the pipe, to inspect service connections as small as 100mm (4 inch), from the main line to the property line of homes and/or businesses.

  • What Are the Advantages of CCTV?

    A CCTV camera allows City staff to complete several important tasks within the pipes:

    1. Complete routine inspections of all of the Cities’ assets underground. This condition assessment allows planners to target repair and replacement budget accurately.
    2. Complete a targeted inspection of trouble spots. Occasionally damage or blockages occur that cause issues with the storm or sanitary collection systems and the CCTV camera can assist us in determining the appropriate course of action.
    3. CCTV cameras offer an environmentally friendly, cost-effective inspection method that can be configured to serve a number of different situations, making them a highly versatile tool. 
  • What to Expect during a Sewer Line Inspection

    The operation of the CCTV truck is a low impact process. Most times businesses and homeowners will be unaware that the pipes in their neighborhood have been inspected. Residents are not asked to do anything out of the ordinary except for driving safely where the CCTV truck is set up as this can cause minor traffic disruptions. Every attempt is made by City Staff to minimize the impact of traffic flow at all times.
  • What Does the Camera See and What is Done with the Information?

    Video data collected is assessed real-time by a qualified operator. This assessment is stored directly onto the video giving a real-time description and visual look of the asset. Some typical issues we see are settling of the pipes causing sags or low points, cracks, breaks and/or root intrusion into the pipes. All of the data is collected and analyzed, then repairs and maintenance are prioritized to ensure the most cost effective and efficient solutions are implemented.

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