The City is responsible for the maintenance of over 5,000 traffic signs. These include everything from stop signs, speed limit signs, to school zone signs and  guide signs.



The City is also responsible for the maintenance of 23 traffic signals. In addition to these, there are 16 traffic signals within City limits that are owned and operated by the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Traffic signals assign right of way at an intersection and aim to reduce conflicts at intersections with high traffic volumes. Some intersections in Campbell River see as many as 25,000 vehicles per day, every day! 


Traffic calming is a series of measures aimed at reducing vehicle volumes and vehicle speeds through residential areas.This also improves safety for pedestrians and cyclists and enhances the living environment for residents. Examples of traffic calming are speed humps, traffic circles (which are different from roundabouts), curb bulges, raised crosswalks and right-in/right-out islands.


Roundabouts are another way of assigning right-of-way at intersections. Roundabouts have been proven to be safer than traffic signals with reductions in both the frequency and severity of collisions. The City currently has two roundabouts: a new one at Highway 19A and Rockland Road; and one at Willow Creek Road and Maryland Road.

For more information about roundabouts in Campbell River, see here:


For additional information about traffic calming, signage or traffic signals, please contact:

City of Campbell River Transportation Department at 250-286-5700 or

Mailing address: 301 St. Ann's Road, Campbell River, BC  V9W 4C7