Quinsam Heights Estate Designation

In 2017 the City’s Official Community Plan was amended to adjust the boundaries of the “Estate” land use designation in Quinsam Heights.  However, following ongoing feedback from residents, developers and City staff, Council is proposing to remove this designation from the Quinsam Neighbourhood entirely and replace it with the standard “Neighbourhood” designation that exists in most of the other residential parts of the City.

A bylaw to do this was given initial consideration by Council with public consultation to follow, before a formal public hearing is held at a date to be confirmed, but likely in September.  After hearing input from residents and the public, Council will decide whether to proceed.  

More details on the background to this issue, the bylaw, and staff report to Council can be found here. 

The map below shows where this designation exists in Quinsam Heights and provides the text of the policy, along with the “Neighbourhood” designation and policy that would replace the “Estate” designation.



Quinsam Heights

  • What does the “Estate” designation mean?

  • Why is the City considering this change?

  • What would happen if the “Estate” designation is replaced with the “Neighbourhood” designation?

  • Will this change affect the zoning of my property?

  • How can I have my say?


The same workshop will be held at three different times on Tuesday August 25 via Zoom. Numbers are limited to 12 attendees per workshop. Only one registration per household is allowed. Workshop places will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. If numbers exceed capacity we may try to hold additional workshops.


To register for a workshop you are required to provide us with your name and email address.  We will not release your personal details to others.  Workbook summaries will be compiled without attribution of names.  You will however be able to represent yourself directly to Council at the subsequent statutory public hearing TBA.

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