Campbell River’s spectacular seaside setting, west coast culture and heritage offer a variety of interesting places to visit and explore. Here are just a few of the many sites around Campbell River.  For more Points of Interest, see the Links for Visitors at the bottom of this page.

BigRockBig Rock

Location: Island Highway

A First Nations legend shares that, in the early days many grizzly and black bears on the mainland eyed Vancouver Island longingly, but it was too far to swim. A Great Spirit announced that if the bears could jump to the island in one mighty leap, they might stay and live there. However, they musn’t get as much as one claw wet, for they would turn to stone. Many bears tried and failed, and rest as the boulders strewn along the water's edge of Vancouver Island. It is also said that the mountains and valleys on the mainland were created by the bears digging in for a run at the Island. 

One day after watching many of his black bear relatives make the jump; a king-sized grizzly boasted that he could jump the distance too. The Great Spirit warned him what would happen if he failed. He went miles back into the mainland to get a mighty leap. But, alas, the tide was in. He landed on the beach with his feet in the water and was instantly turned to stone. And there he stands today as the Big Rock. 

haig-brown-houseHaig-Brown Kingfisher Creek Heritage Property 

Location: 2250 Campbell River Road

Built in 1923, the farmhouse is the former home of Ann and Roderick Haig-Brown, a well known conservationist, writer and magistrate. 

The Kingfisher Creek trails wander through the forest and are well kept with benches, bridges and picnic tables.

Sybil Andrews Cottage
Location: 2131 South Island Highway

The historic Andrews-Morgan property is home to the Sybil Andrews Cottage and the Walter Morgan Carving Shed. Built in 1942, the cottage is a simple wood-frame structure that was home to the celebrated artist Sybil Andrews and her husband Walter Morgan from 1947 until 1992. The historic oceanfront property includes organic flower gardens, apple trees originally planted on the property and unobstructed views to Quadra Island.


Campbell River Art Gallery   

Location: 1235 Shoppers Row

The Campbell River Art Gallery (next to the Visitor Information Center in Tyee Plaza) is open year round with two exhibition halls, a studio and a gift shop, admission is by donation. Exhibitions change every four to six weeks. They also offer more than 40 workshops, classes and artist talks for both adults and children.


1.14.0_Campbell River Museum_tn

Museum at Campbell River

Location: 470 Island Highway at 5th Avenue

This modern museum features theatre rooms showing the film footage of the legendary explosion of “Ripple Rock” in 1958. An interactive exhibit showcases the First Nation culture with a mask display. Also, a logging steam donkey, logger’s cabin and replica of the Willow’s Hotel are featured.


Discovery Fishing Pier Discovery Fishing Pier

Location: 655 Island Highway

Canada’s first salt water fishing pier is located next to the Government Wharf. It extends 150 feet from the shore and is 600 feet long. Rent fishing equipment or bring your own. And who can resist ice cream or fish’n chips?



Moose Falls in Elk Falls Provincial Park

Elk Falls Provincial Park

Web:  Explore Elk Falls

Located approximately 6 km west on Highway 28, this beautiful forested 1087 hectare park offers great views of the canyon and 25 metre waterfalls (from a viewpoint and the new suspension bridge). This popular recreation destination boasts many activities such as sightseeing, 6 kilometres of hiking trails, picnicking, camping and fishing. Visit the Quinsam Salmon Hatchery or the three waterfalls - the Moose, the Elk and Deer waterfalls with Elk Falls being the largest.

First Nations dance - Spirit Square Campbell RiverSpirit Square 

Location: Tyee Plaza, Shoppers Row

Campbell River’s outdoor gathering facility in the town centre provides an open air space for all kinds of public gatherings. The Spirit Square reflects our community’s social diversity by providing a wide variety of entertainment and public awareness events.

Upper Campbell Lake in Strathcona ParkStrathcona Park

Web:  Explore Strathcona Park

Strathcona Park is the oldest provincial park in BC, and home to 500,000 acres of wilderness. The park features many hiking trails, kayaking and two provincial campgrounds.



Tori Gate

Torii Gate

In 1993, to celebrate 10 years of twinning with our sister city, Ishikari, Japan, Campbell River was presented with a Torii Gate. A Shinto tradition in Japan, Torii gates recognize a special location or place. The gate is located in Sequoia Park across from the Museum at Campbell River. Campbell River's 10th anniversary gift to Ishikari was a totem pole carved by renowned artist Bill Henderson.

discovery passage aquariumDiscovery Passage Aquarium

Web: Discovery Passage Aquarium

See. Touch. Explore. The Aquarium is located next to the Campbell River Fishing Pier, adjacent to the Maritime Heritage Museum. The aquarium can be found near the downtown on the 'Old' Island Highway. 

Maritime Heritage CentreMaritime Heritage Centre

Web: Maritime Heritage Centre
Address: 621 Island Highway Campbell River, BC 
Phone: (250) 286-3161

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m
Exhibit Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m




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