Operation of a business within the City requires a valid business licence, unless exempted by provincial or federal legislation.

The cost for a business licence is $150 and the expiry date is February 27 of each year. Licences are granted for a one-year period and renew on February 28 regardless of start date. Renewal notices are mailed out mid-January and must be paid by March 30. If payment is not received on or before that date, an automatic late charge of $25 is applied.

If you have applied for an inter-municipal/inter-community licence in addition to your primary, you will receive the invoices for both but will not receive your inter-municipal licence until your primary has been paid. Licences are granted for a one-year period and all fees are non-refundable.

To apply, please completely fill out the Business Licence Application Form. Submit digitally as an email attachment to business.licence@campbellriver.ca

Any person carrying on more than one business, in more than one location, shall obtain and pay for a separate business licence for each and every such business.

If you are renewing your licence, payment options include online with a credit card, by mail with a cheque, or in-person with cheque, cash, debit, or credit (Mastercard or Visa only). Please note that the annual renewal date is February 27 of each year.


The applicant submits a completed business licence application form including all of the following:

  • Business name and business location
  • Mailing address
  • Owner/operator name
  • Type of business and brief description
  • Upon receipt of an invoice, provide the fee payment based on the fee schedule in the Bylaw

The application is reviewed by City Staff to determine if the use is permitted by, and meets all requirements of, the City of Campbell's River Zoning Bylaw. If the business is not a permitted use for the area, it cannot proceed at the specified location.

Once it is determined that the use is permitted under the Zoning Bylaw, the application is reviewed by  Building and Fire Inspectors for their endorsement prior to approval by the Business Licence Inspector. This may require an on-site inspection.

Vancouver Island Health Authority approval may be required for businesses such as restaurants, daycare centers, hairdressers, etc.

Processing time depends largely on the complexity of the business proposal and the ability of the applicant to meet licencing requirements.