Adult Recreation

Integrate healthy activities into your daily life; indoors and outdoors using a variety of our facilities and amenities.

Join us for drop-in sports, sport court bookings, sports lessons, arts/crafts, gardening and more.


Child, Youth and Family RecreationThe Music In Me

We offer a variety of early years and after school programming, summer camps, fun family events and activities. Our commitment is to offer accessible and affordable programs in the community to support families and children.  

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Specialized RecreationBe Awesome Group photo

For all ages, stages and abilities: we offer a variety of programs for people with disabilities. 
The programs may be active, social, or help this amazing community learn or practice a skill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recreation and Fitness Programs FAQs

  • Are recreation rates and fees changing in 2024?

  • Q: How do I access program information?

  • Q: Does the Sportsplex or Community Centre rent out sports or fitness equipment such as stationary bikes?

  • Q: What if I paid for a recreation program and it has been cancelled?

  • Q: How do I cancel classes/programs I have booked?

  • Q: How early can I arrive for my class/program?

  • Q: Can I use my fitness passes for the weight room or vice versa?

  • Q: What happens if I don't show up for a pre-registered drop-in session?

  • Q: How do I book a PROGRAM online?

  • Q: How do I see what I have booked so far?

  • Q: What’s the difference between registered and drop-in programs?

  • Q: Where can I buy bus tickets/passes and garbage tags?

  • Q: How do I rent a room or book a field or park space?

  • Q. Do you offer programs for people with special needs?

  • Q: My child is slightly younger/older than the listed age requirement. Am I still able to register them?

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