As we continue to experience unseasonably hot and dry weather, it's important to remember that the frequency and severity of wildfires will likely get worse before it gets better. That's why proactive preparation and awareness are crucial for everyone in British Columbia. No matter where you live, your actions play an important role for the fire resiliency of your home, your community, and the province as a whole. 

This is especially true when talking about FireSmart tasks. Even if a task feels small and insignificant, it's part of a greater effort and bigger picture: wildfire resiliency for the community and province you call home. While some may think that wildfire resiliency is only the responsibility of fire departments and wildland firefighters, the reality is that it's a shared responsibility between many parties. BC Wildfire Service, your local fire department, local government and policy makers, community organizations, businesses and homeowners all must work together to create truly resilient communities.

Of these parties, homeowners are the most common and can therefore make a significant difference. Every homeowner can do their part to increase the fire resiliency of their community by FireSmarting their property and encouraging others to do the same. 

FireSmarting your property can feel like a daunting task, but the reality is that FireSmarting is suprisingly simple and straightforward. If every member of a community comes together and performs their FireSmart-proven chores, this goes a long way in terms of increasing fire resiliency.


Free FireSmart Assessments and Rebate Program

The Campbell River Fire Department is conducting FREE FireSmart home assessments. The City's FireSmart Coordinator will tour your property with you, and together, any vulnerabilities to wildfire will be explored. Potential improvements will be shared along with a summary of FireSmart recommendations. The assessments take place entirely outside the home, and your assessment is not shared with outside agencies.

How do I get a rebate?

Step 1 - Book a FREE FireSmart Home Assessment with our FireSmart Coordinator. Email or call 250-286-6266.

Step 2 - Carry out one or more of the recommendations from the assessment. Log all hours and save receipts if help is hired.

Step 3 - Book a post-work assessment with our FireSmart Coordinator and submit the completed "Recommended Activities Form" and receipts. 

Download the Campbell River FireSmart Rebate Program brochure, or pick up a copy at the #1 Fire Station for more information.


FireSmart Recognized Neighbourhood

Learn how to become a Canadian FireSmart Recognized Neighbourhood, and lead the change for a safer community.Visit FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program



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Stop by the No. 1 Fire Station, 675 13th Ave. Campbell River, for free copies of the FireSmart BC Homeowner's Manual, the Campbell River FireSmart Guide to Gardening, and the FireSmart BC Landscaping Guide.