The role of the Community Partnership Committee is to assist Council in its decision making role by ensuring that Council receives thoughtful and comprehensive advice from a well represented group of individuals from the community with unique skills and knowledge specific to the mandate of this Committee.

The Committee makes recommendations to Council on applications for grants-in-aid and permissive tax exemptions. Working in the best interests of all Campbell River residents, the Committee explores ways that community partnership funding can best meet the needs of a growing community.

The Community Partnership program is designed to support community groups with the delivery of major events and/or services. These groups assist the City in fulfilling the principle and objective of promoting a dynamic arts and cultural community, and the promotion of a positive community.

Terms of Reference

Committee Members

  • Dennis Fitzgerald - Chair
  • Jane Hirst - Vice Chair
  • Carolyn Fast
  • Nicole Ramm
  • Murray Ruehlen
  • Sarah Samson
  • Bruce Woytuik
  • James Bifano
  • Harper Baikie

Non-voting Council Liaison

  • Councillor Doug Chapman 
  • Councillor Ron Kerr

Staff Support

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are generally held in the summer to review Permissive Tax Exemption applications, in the fall to review Community Grant applications and occasionally throughout the year, as needed.

Contact Anais Barnes to confirm.

Agendas and Minutes



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