Housing affordability has been a steadily growing issue in the City of Campbell River. Housing prices have been increasing and local economic generators have been experiencing challenges which in turn impacts the financial capabilities of many residents. Further, like in many other Cities, Homelessness has become a more prominent issue.

The City of Campbell River has undertaken a variety of measures focused on addressing the housing affordability problem. Such measures have included providing for diversity in housing types, supporting social housing projects, allowing secondary suites in several zonings, and, more recently, addressing the issue of homelessness. With respect to the latter, in February 2009, Council created a Homelessness Task Force to examine and measure the scope of the homelessness problem in Campbell River.

The Homelessness Task Force reported back to Council with a full report and several recommendations and subsequently Council passed several resolutions in response to the recommendations from the Task Force. One of the recommendations was for the City to develop an Affordable Housing Strategy. This report responds to that recommendation. This strategy is also intended to be incorporated into the development of a new Sustainable Official Community Plan for the City.


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