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Join us September 12, 2017 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the Campbell River Community Centre Lounge (401-11th Avenue). This event is a follow-up to the events held in June and July.

Stay tuned for a video coming in early September that highlights the process so far!

3.5 Acre Site Waterfront Task Force links

Detailed information about the 3.5 Acre Site Waterfront Task Force:

Click the thumbnails below to view a photos of the 3.5 acre site:

site air photo               Downtown three acre site

Waterfront Task Force Road Map:

June – Input

  • Inspired Characteristics
  • Physical Planning Framework

 July – Input

  • Refine Inspired Characteristics
  • Exploring Options for Partnerships with Wei Wai Kum First Nation

 August – Input

  • Public Area Planning
  • Building Planning
  • Preliminary Design

 September – Input and Feedback

  • Analyze Public Open House Feedback
  • Review Public Open House

 October - Feedback

  • Refine Final Report + Planning

Background & Update

A review, public engagement and physical planning process for the 3.5 Acre site has been underway since late May, and final submission to Council will be completed in October.

Process and Schedule

 The process has begun with three key focus areas: 

  • understanding of past processes and of technical concerns
  • learning from the citizens of Campbell River about goals, aspirations and functional requirements
  • ·outlining physical planning realities and priorities

The focus over the first two months has been with the first two issues - technical and historical background, and initial public engagement. We have also begun the process of site analysis, exploration of key physical planning direction, and reaching accord on priorities and goals.

The process is evolving according to the attached "Road Map", and consists of monthly cycles of consultant teamwork, Task Force review, and moving forward to the following month with Task Force consensus based on each Task Force meeting. In a broad outline, the process is working toward completion of fact-finding and consensus-building public engagement through the month of July. A summary of conclusions and physical planning direction will be prepared for a full public Open House on September 12. The Open House will be an opportunity for the general public to understand and comment on the direction confirmed by the Task Force; public response will be recorded and contribute to final editing and revision of the plan.

The public engagement process has been evolving as we learn more about the site and its history. We have completed our first round of general public comment, and this process will continue throughout the life of the project. 

Through our initial investigations and discussions we have gained a lot of clarity regarding the site, public priorities and evolving consensus. 

What we are Learning

There has been a lot of public discussion regarding the future of the 3.5 Acre site for several years, and the results of the various workshops and engagement process have become an integral part of our understanding of public aspirations, goals and concerns. As well, we have completed our first public engagement session in late June, soliciting members of the community to propose their ideas about what should "go on the site". We have attempted to distill guiding principles and a sense of community aspirations from this exercise, and will be reporting on the results in September. At the September event we will report on what we are learning and solicit comments (which will, in turn, contribute to our understanding of guiding goals and principles).

The public nature of the site has proven to be a central theme. There have been several comments received that the land should remain in the hands of the City of Campbell River. As well, there is general consensus that the lands should be an integral part of the continuous public-access and recreation waterfront system which has been developed along the community's shoreline. This suggests that public movement should be facilitated, and that reasons for the public to regularly and normally be in the space will be a central goal for the project.

A number of specific "building" projects were proposed during the first public event, including an aquarium, arts and cultural venues, a public market, and small service commercial functions serving the general public. The overriding message has been that if there is a building component to site development it should provide cultural and social benefit, and not be a large centre for private sector profit.


Community Presentations - June 26 & July 25, 2017

Trevor Fritz - Marina Office Facility

Paolo Tancon - Performing Arts & Cultural Centre

Morgan Ostler - Let it Be Natural

Brian Backler - Sports Complex

Valerie Sterling - Japanese Tranquility Garden

Mary Teer - Concert Hall

Sherry Tarasoff - Aboriginal Senior’s Facility/Cultural Awareness Space/Marketplace

D. Colin Campbell - Waterfront Park

Angella Nadler - Open Air Market & Art Centre

Alfreda Goodship - Waterfront Park

Darlyne Shane - Waterfront Park

Ken Beattie - Integrated Development

Chuck Desorcy - Discovery College/University

Ken Horsman - Business

Jim Powell - Salmon Centre of Excellence & Conference Centre

Stephen Bradley - Transit Hub

The Sybil Andrews Cottage Artists - Community Complex

Melissa Fietz - Artistic Installations Powered by Nature

Lesia Davis - Hear the Sea Play

Bonita Wilson – Underwater Floating Aquarium

Ron Dworski - Waterfront Park

Brenda Einarson - Aquarium

Leona Adams - Pearl Oyster Cultural Art Centre

Dan Sampson – Public Green Space with Connections

Geoff Goodship - Park for Seniors

Laurel Sliskovic - First Nations Destination Hotel

Dave Owen – Transit Docking Facility

Becky Warkentin Wolfe - Small Seaside Shops

Sheri Hayward - Art Display

Megan Bereskin – Children’s Indoor Play Gym

Gina Madigan – Waterfront Park

Christine Welsh – Waterfront Park

Janet Elizabeth Simpson – Waterfront Park

Maria Pietersma Horsfall - Market Mall with Condos

Links for further information

City of Campbell River - Report to Council

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