The Capital Works department,within the City’s Facilities and Supply Management Division primarily focuses on the consistent delivery of all of the City’s major capital projects. Services provided by the department align with the phases of major project delivery, evolving from a support role in the early phases of the project life-cycle, to the lead role when the project goes from design into tender and contracting, and back to a support role in the maintenance period. The department work effort peaks during the construction process to ensure all necessary support and controls are in place and that the project is delivered in accordance with the objectives.

Infrastructure Project Map

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Current Capital Projects

  • Airport Fueling Facility: This project involves the installation of a new Jet A above ground fuel facility and the purchase of two Jet A fuel delivery trucks. 
  • Big Rock Boat Ramp: Work under this project includes upgrades to the Big Rock Boat Ramp which is currently a free public use facility for recreational boaters in Campbell River.
  • Campbell River Water Supply: Relocation of the City's water supply required as a result of BC Hydro’s John Hart Redevelopment Project.
  • Hwy 19A Upgrade - Phase 3: The project continues the upgrades both below and above ground that have taken place from Ken Forde boat launch to Forberg Road.
  • Larwood/Erickson Sewer Upgrade: Work under this project includes the renewal and upgrade of sanitary sewer mains on Erickson, Harrogate and Larwood roads.
  • Lift Station Backup Generators:  Work under this project includes a select number of existing lift stations to be serviced with an appropriately sized stand-by generator at each site.
  • Municipal Broadband Network:  Work under phase one of the project will include the installation of micro-duct conduit to service strategic locations in the downtown core with broadband fibre. 
  • NWEC Upgrade - Phase 2: Upgrading the headworks and sani-dump receiving facility, and aeration oxidation ditch piping and electrical system.
  • Robert Ostler Park Restoration: This original design is under review as the anticipated effects of climate change and sea level rise are triggering a review of some shoreline projects. Repair of the damaged shoreline large boulders (rip rap) is anticipated.    
  • Robron Park Fieldhouse Civil Works: Work under this project includes the installation of approximately 330 lineal metres of sanitary sewer piping in preparation for the construction of the future fieldhouse. 
  • Sewermain Replacement Projects:  Work under this contract consists of the rehabilitation of existing sanitary sewer mains through the use of Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) lining method. 
  • Waterfront Sewer Forcemain Upgrade: This project includes the renewal of approximately 4.6 km of the City’s sanitary sewage conveyance system along Hwy 19A from Rockland Road to the Maritime Heritage Centre.
  • Watermain Replacement: Work under this project consists of installing new watermains and domestic services at several locations around Campbell River.

Completed Projects

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