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*UPDATE* September 12, 2016 - Downtown public parklet installed as part of pilot project.

On Wednesday September 7th, the City installed its first “parklet” at 972 Shoppers Row. The parklet is a simple wooden platform with a guard railing and three sets of furniture. The purpose of this pilot project is to create a more animated and vibrant streetscape by providing pedestrians with a place to gather and interact with one another. The City is working with Online Gourmet to maintain and operate the parklet, but it will remain open for public seating.

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*UPDATE* - Pop-up Event #1: Cultural, Civic & Financial Precinct.

What do you think of design elements for the Cultural, Civic & Financial precinct?  Find our pop-up event from 9am – 3pm at the Canada Day celebrations, or see the images and answer the questions here.

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A BIG thank-you to all who attended our downtown design workshops at the Maritime Heritage Centre on June 6th and June 8th!  Taking your input from the downtown survey and the input given on the June 6th workshop our team of designers worked for two days to draw up example streetscenes around downtown, incorporating your ideas into the concepts and showing what new development *could* achieve.  Graphics were produced for each character precinct: the map to the right shows the precincts that were identified.

These are initial concept plans which will now be tested and refined to select specific design elements for each character precinct and for downtown as a whole.  Look out for our “pop-up” booths appearing at events downtown over the summer, or answer our short surveys as they appear here on the website.

Cultural, Civic & Financial Precinct Concept

Waterfront Concept (Highway 19A looking south towards ferry terminal)

Marine (Pier Street looking north)

Downtown North (Cypress Street looking south towards 11th Avenue)


Thank you to everyone who completed the downtown survey. 920 people shared their thoughts and ideas for the future of Campbell River's downtown. Click the following link to view a report summarizing the results of the survey:  Downtown Survey Results


Throughout summer 2016 the City will be commissioning designs for our downtown to be “development ready” with plans for sidewalks, public gathering spaces, lighting, landscaping, decorative features, bicycle areas, signs and building look and design. We will be asking for community feedback on the best options to celebrate Campbell River’s unique history and identity.

This initiative builds on previous studies and plans for the downtown and will provide designs for street upgrades throughout the heart of our community.

How will this help?

This work will prepare the City to coordinate upgrades to our streets and underground infrastructure with key development projects - more efficiency and less disruption to for local businesses and residents. When property owners wish to invest in Campbell River by developing in our downtown, the City will have the infrastructure information and high-level design concepts available for upgrades to surrounding streets. This type of partnership happened recently in a successful development at Alder Street/St Ann’s block where the City’s below ground infrastructure (sewer/water/storm drainage) was in need of upgrade, and the City also upgraded the streets with wider sidewalks, improved landscaping, undergrounded overhead wires adjacent to a large new commercial development (Seymour Pacific).

The aim of the design work is to create attractive streets that function well for traffic, parking, drainage, and underground infrastructure, and that are also attractive people places. Improving the look, feel and character of our downtown will help draw more business, tourism and shopping outlets to this area, and help us market Campbell River as a great place to visit, live and set up business. 

The downtown area under consideration is shown in the map below:



The table below shows the activities and timeline for this project.


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